Visa Requirements

ECOWAS citizens do not require entry Visa to Senegal.

Non-ECOWAS citizens are advised to apply for an entry visa to Senegal in person at the nearest consulate of Senegal. Please click here to find the embassy or consulate nearest you.

Visitors to Senegal can also obtain entry visa upon arrival at any port of entry in Senegal.

For all delegates, special arrangements will be taken with the Government of Senegal to ensure expedited consideration of entry visa applications.

Entry Visa Prerequisites:

  • Fill the visa form. Click to download
  • Pay the scheduled fees

Required Documents:

  • A passport valid for at least six month
  • Two personal photos with a white background
  • A photocopy of the residence card in the foreign country
  • A personal invitation letter from the Ministry of Water Resources and Sanitation, Senegal will be provided to facilitate visa issuance to the registered participants.