Important Registration Information

Registration Dates

You can register online or on-site. Online registration still continues until otherwise stated. Please note that only registrants who have completed the registration formalities (including payment of the conference fee) on or before March 31st 2015 will enjoy the current registration rates which will be increased after that date. Registration after this deadline will attract a 15% increase on the current conference fee. So hurry and register now.


There is opportunity to sponsor a limited number of participants from the youths, women, civil society and media networks. Criteria for such sponsorship include:

  • Membership of a network currently engaged in partnership with AMCOW and in the implementation of AMCOW work plan.
  • Membership of an organization which may not be currently in partnership with AMCOW but which work contributes to the implementation of theme 3 of the AMCOW work programme.
  • Evidence of work being executed in the organization having a direct relevance to the implementation of theme 3 of the AMCOW work programme.
  • Value of participation to the achievement of the overall goals and objectives of the 4th AfricaSan Conference.
  • Evidence that without such sponsorship, such applicant will ordinarily not be able to attend the conference.

Such sponsored participants are obligated not to receive another sponsorship from other AMCOW partners for the purpose of attending the 4th AfricaSan Conference and are expected to declare any multiple sponsorship should they occur after being selected for sponsorship through this process. Where such occurs, such selected applicant is expected to relinquish the AMCOW sponsorship offer.

Registration Fee

Online Registration

The registration fee for the AfricaSan 4 Conference is as follows and is non-refundable:

  1. Standard Rate: 200 Euros
  2. Reduced Rates which includes:
    • National Government, Academia / CSOs (African countries): 100 Euros
    • Local Participants from Senegal (National Government, Academia / Local Organizations / CSOs: 50 Euros)

On-site Registration

For On-site registration, the conference fee is as follows:

  1. Standard Rate: 250 Euros
  2. Reduced Rates:
    • National Government, Academia / CSOs (African countries): 130 Euros
    • Local Participants from Senegal (National Government, Academia / Local Organizations / CSOs: 70 Euros)

If you are a member of a delegation, you must fill a separate registration form and pay. Please make sure to have your passport ready during registration.

Payment method

The registration fee can be paid by credit card or bank wire transfer. At the end of the registration process you will be able to choose the online payment option best suited to your needs:

  • Credit Card: The following cards are accepted: VISA, VISA ELECTRON and MASTERCARD.
  • Bank Wire transfer: Payment confirmation must be forwarded to….. When making a bank wire transfer Please indicate your identification number and/or the name of the attendee.



Account Name: African Ministers Council on Water (AMCOW)

Account No.: 0011485028

All bank commissions are to be borne by the participant. Please keep this in mind so that it isn't deducted from the registration fee. Any payments that do not reflect the full cost of the registration fee will not be considered valid. Only fully paid registrations will be confirmed. An e-mail confirmation will be sent once your payment has been validated. Please check your email confirmation and make sure that all information is correct.


An invoice will be sent automatically once you conclude your registration.